Infection and Immunity

Fighting the battle against bacterial infection.

This research program links basic research on bacterial genetics with new approaches to investigating risks for infections with antibiotic resistant organisms.

This research focuses on a range of bacterial infections such as those due to MRSA and multiply resistant Gram negative organisms, as well as collaborations on the  development of new antibiotics to treat these threats.


Theme Leaders

Professor David Paterson

research interest includes study of the molecular and clinical epidemiology of infections with antibiotic resistant organisms





Dr Minyon Avent

Clinical Research Pharmacist interested in the optimization of antibiotic dosing and appropriate use of antimicrobials

Professor Anders Cervin

Exploring Probiotics as a Treatment Alternative to Antibiotics in Airway Infection

Dr Judith Greer

research focuses on diseases affecting the nervous system & role the immune response may play in multiple sclerosis (MS)

Dr Patrick Harris

interest in clinical trials to optimise management of bloodstream infections caused by antibiotic-resistant pathogens

Dr Charlotte Huber

research focuses on investigating molecular epidemiology of bacterial pathogens associated with antibiotic resistance

Dr Liza Raggatt

researchs delineation of osteal macrophage function in the bone microenvironment: dual roles in bone dynamics & stem cell niches

Dr Hanna Sidjabat

Research focused on microbiome, beneficial microbes and mechanisms of plasmid-mediated antimicrobial resistance genes in Gram-negative pathogens

Hosam Zowawi

A clinical microbiologist who is interested in hospital-acquired infections, particularly those caused by antimicrobial resistant organisms