Modern Contraception


    The study is about young women's experiences of contraceptive use and pregnancy intentions (plans for future pregnancy).

We're looking to improve women's access to contraception and education services in Australia. This is an opportunity for young women aged 18-23 years to share their contraception experience.

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  • Why is this important?

It is important to know how young women use (or don't use) contraception, where they get contraceptives and how easy it is. In Australia, this information is limited especially for rural and remote areas. Information from CUPID will be used to design education programs and feed into suggestions to health service providers for better access to services.


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We gratefully acknowledge funding support from the Australian Research Council (ARC Linkage Project Grant LP100200349) and our partner organisations Family Planning NSW and Bayer Australia Ltd.

The CUPID project is conducted at The University of Queensland and The University of Newcastle.

FPNSW provides an important clinical perspective to the project and clinical contacts throughout NSW.  Clinical staff provide contextual information to assist in the development of the survey questions and interpretation of findings.

Bayer Australia provides a perspective on the commercial environment relevant to contraceptive provision in NSW.







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